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The Theatre Arts Education Program

From East of the Sun, West of the Moon, Summer 2014

Theatre Arts Education Opportunities

Through the White Lake Youth Theatre and the Nuveen Community Center for the Arts, the Howmet Playhouse offers various opportunities throughout the year for students to learn different aspects of theater in their own backyard.

The program offers two types of workshops:

  • Theatre Workshops
    • Each year, the Howmet Playhouse's White Lake Youth Theatre, in partnership with the Nuveen Community Center for the Arts, offers workshops for students of all ages to help new and experienced performers and technicians hone their skills both on and off stage. Class fees for the theatre workshops will vary according to the number of class hours.
  • Performance Workshops
    • Students can audition for roles in our summer performance workshop in late May for a large-scale performance during our Summer Theatre Festival. Workshop fees will be calculated based upon length of the workshop and will be a flat fee.

All workshops are taught by experienced theater professionals and are a mix of theory and practical application.

Class fee information and registration deadlines will always be listed with other details of the workshop opportunity.

We are expanding this program every year, thanks to the energy and dedication of our students, parents, and staff. Please visit this page regularly for updates on upcoming events. To be added to our youth theater email information list, use the Contact Us form on this website. Be sure to select "Youth Theatre" from the "Why are you contacting us" drop-down list.

Upcoming Workshops

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If your student(s) is an active member of WLYT and would like to be added as a member of the Facebook group, use the Contact Us form to let us know. (This is a closed group; only students and parents who are active participants are allowed in this Facebook group.) We use Facebook to quickly notify students of upcoming events and schedule changes.

In addition, if you would like to receive WLYT updates for your student, please use the Contact Us form to be added to the WLYT email mailing list.

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